Commercial Litigation

  • Acting on behalf of a company based in Dubai in the High Court and Court of Appeal to defend a claim for breach for services provided in Pakistan and making a counterclaim as a result of fraud with damages being claim in excess of USD$55 million. The trial was listed for six- weeks in the Commercial Court of the High Court.
  • Acting on behalf of 3 defendants to defend a claim against them in excess of £50 million for fraudulent misrepresentation in respect of a company sale. The defendants were alleged to have deceitfully implemented measures to increase the sale price by over £50 million which was listed for a 14 day hearing in the High Court.
  • Acting on behalf of a Chinese Company in respect of fraud claim against UK company for unlawfully charging VAT.
  • Acting on behalf of a company in a fraud claim against its former agent and upon discovery that the agent was attempting to sell his property and dissipate his assets, a freezing order was obtained against the agent.
  • Acting on behalf of claimant for a claim in breach in contract relating to the claimant’s role in assisting the defendant with securing a multi-billion pound contract.
  • Acting for claimant in a claim for breach of fiduciary duties and unlawful transfer of funds. Judgment was successfully obtained judgment against the defendant and all counterclaims were dismissed during seven day trial.
  • Acting for claimant in the High Court a claim for a proprietary interest in a property following a joint venture agreement. The defendant threatened to dilute all equity in the property which was the subject of dispute. An interim preservation order was obtained to prevent dilution of the asset.
  • Acting on behalf of directors and shareholders in a claim against them for over £2.5 million for allegations of fraudulent misrepresentation and breach of contract following a management buyout.
  • Acting for multiple defendants in a claim against them for breach of a shareholders agreement and damages in excess of £1 million together with defending an application for an interim injunction against the defendants seeking to prevent them from competing with the claimant.
  • Acting for defendant director in multi-million claim against him for breach of director’s statutory duties to exercise independent judgment, act with reasonable care and skill and for misrepresentation regarding the company’s accounts.
  • Acting on behalf of investor who was the victim of a fraudulent misrepresentation in respect of a deal for a luxury car worth over £2.5 million. The defendant’s company entered liquidation and the defendant became bankrupt making enforcement difficult. As such, the matter was pursued in the
    criminal court by way of a private prosecution.
  • Acting for a company director against US claimant company following breaches of a factoring agreement leading to allegations of fraudulent misrepresentation against director. Acting on behalf of shareholder on unfair prejudice petition with shares being in excess of £10 million.


  • Acting on behalf of a former company director to defend a claim by liquidators in excess of £20 million for a purported breach of director’s fiduciary duty, conspiracy, transaction at an undervalue, wrongful trading and misrepresentation.
  • Acting on behalf of a trustee in bankruptcy to set aside a declaration of trust entered into to defraud creditors 9 years before the date of bankruptcy.
  • Acting on behalf of trustee in bankruptcy on bankruptcy of former director of tech unicorn previously valued at £1.5 billion.
  • Acting on behalf of stakeholders and fans in the administration of Derby County football club.
  • Acting on behalf of a creditor in an application to court for the appointment of a provisional liquidator to prevent company assets from being dissipated.
  • Acting on behalf of liquidator against Gambling company for allowing company director to use company funds for gambling in breach of anti-money laundering legislation.
  • Acting on behalf of the liquidator of a company defending a strike-out application seeking restitution for a void disposition which resulted in costs being paid to liquidator following dismissal of the application.
  • Acting for former company director regarding claims from the Official Receiver for misfeasance and investigations by the Insolvency Service following his company being placed into compulsory liquidation on the just and equitable basis following an application by the Secretary of State.
  • Acting for company director following liquidation in defending claims from liquidator, personally guaranteed debts, secured guaranteed debts and the Insolvency Service.
  • Acting for interim finance contractor in a claim by liquidator for a void disposition which was successfully defended on the basis of exceptional circumstances and change of position.
  • Acting on behalf of trustee in bankruptcy on high profile bankruptcy involving a substantial property portfolio involving numerous assertions of third-party trusts and beneficial interests.
  • Acting on behalf of trustee in bankruptcy in respect of applications by vexatious bankrupt to try and annul bankruptcy order, challenge the admission of a proof of debt and prevent the sale of the bankrupt’s home.
  • Acting for former director of company in respect of multi-million pound claims for misfeasance, transfer at undervalue and entry into an EFRB scheme.
  • Acting on behalf of liquidator in claim against a director who by way of fraudulent misrepresentation supported by fabricated accounting and banking records induced investors to invest more than £2 million into the company.

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