Bankruptcy Proceedings  

Lincoln & Rowe’s specialist insolvency team assists with matters of presenting or defending a bankruptcy petition. There are a number of conditions that must be satisfied when presenting a bankruptcy petition including but not limited to ensuring the bankruptcy petition is issued in the correct court, it is personally served and that the creditor has no security or insufficient security to satisfy the entirety of the debt.

Prior to presenting a bankruptcy petition against an individual, it will be necessary for the creditor to show that the individual is unable to pay their debts of £5,000 or more as and when they fall due whether payable immediately or at some future point in time.

In order to show the above, it will usually be necessary for the creditor to serve the debtor with a statutory demand. If the statutory demand has not been satisfied and no application has been made to set it aside, the creditor will be able to present a bankruptcy petition against the debtor after three weeks have passed from the date of service.

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Dipesh advises clients on a wide range of commercial disputes including breach of contract, directors’ disputes, shareholder remedies, partnership issues, professional negligence and intellectual property. He is also able to provide clients with advice on all aspects of insolvency as well as investigations including misfeasance, undervalue transactions, preferences, transactions to defraud creditors and wrongful trading.