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Property litigation involves disputes between property owners, landlords, tenants, developers or contractors on a wide range of related matters involving the ownership of property, construction disputes, landlord and tenant, boundary disputes and party wall matters.

At Lincoln & Rowe, our specialist property dispute solicitors have the expertise and knowledge to provide advice on a vast range of complex property issues. We can advise on a range of matters related to:

Landlord and tenant (personal and commercial)

The law and the terms of a lease determine whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for certain aspects of a property. If you are a landlord leasing your commercial or personal property or a tenant taking on a lease of a property and require advice regarding your rights and responsibilities – we can help.

Construction disputes

The disagreement between parties that results from a perceived or genuine breach of a construction contract can be extremely damaging. Let us help you resolve any contractual dispute you may be experiencing in the most practical and legal manner. Our expert team of property litigation solicitors will advise you on all construction dispute matters, ensuring you are covered.

Enforcement of JCT contracts

The Joint Contract Tribunal is responsible for producing standard forms of contracts, guidance notes and other shared documentation for use in the construction industry and facilitates the process of constructing buildings. The JCT works on the principle of adapting established benchmark provisions to suit a wide range of projects. If you feel your JCT contract has been breached, get in contact with one of our expert property dispute solicitors who will advise you on your case and strategy.

Service Charges

Service charges are the charges made by a landlord to a tenant for services provided under the lease and are one of the main areas of disputes between leaseholders and landlords. We at Lincoln & Rowe ensure that your service charges are fair and adequate. For advice on service charges, get in contact with one of our expert property dispute solicitors today.

Rights of way disputes

Rights of way are often one of the main causes of a dispute between private individuals. If you feel your right of way has been breached, or someone is trespassing over your property, get in touch with our property litigation lawyers today. We at Lincoln & Rowe will ensure your dispute is settled fairly and thoroughly.

Ownership of property

We at Lincoln & Rowe provide expert support in disputes over claims to land and property. If you need a professional, you can trust– get in contact with one of our property dispute solicitors today.

Party wall disputes

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 applies to works conducted to shared (party) walls dividing neighbouring properties. It also applies to excavation works carried out within certain distances of structures on neighbouring properties. Carrying out works in breach of the Party Wall Act can result in legal action and claims for damages. We have expert party wall solicitors that can help you with this and all other legal issues connected with the administration of the Party Wall Act.

Rights of light disputes

The right to light is the legal right property owners have to the level of light in their home. This can be diminished by neighbouring development which can result in loss of amenity and a reduction in the value of your property. If you feel your right to light has been infringed, you may be entitled to claim compensation from your neighbour or to apply for an injunction to prevent the works.

Professional negligence disputes

The last thing you would expect is to hire a professional who is negligent, however, this is an unfortunate reality as some professionals do make mistakes. Our expert team of professional negligence lawyers specialise in resolving all issues arising out of claims against  experts for negligent advice. Get in touch with one of our property dispute solicitors today.

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James specialises in a broad spectrum of property disputes across the UK, assisting clients in reaching a resolution to their problems in his trademark approachable, pragmatic style. James has significant expertise in resolving complex property disputes and has been involved in several of the leading modern cases involving party walls and rights of light.