Shaheen Suri


Shaheen is an associate solicitor at Lincoln & Rowe having previously worked in a top 20 law firm specialising in areas of litigation and dispute resolution. Shaheen is able to advise clients on all areas of contract management and contract disputes as well as advising on matters relating to breach of contract, damages and fiduciary duties.

In addition to dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution, Shaheen holds legal expertise of arbitration, adjudication and mediation. Shaheen has extensive experience working both as in-house counsel and for private practice law firms across a wide range of commercial entities, ensuring she understands the legal and commercial challenges faced by her clients.

Shaheen’s recent cases include:-

  • Advising a defendant contractor in a $1-billion arbitration relating to an offshore oil and gas pipeline. Shaheen put forward a robust defence on relating to defective design and compliance with local regulations which led to the eventual settlement of the case.
  • Acting for a contractor in a multi-million dollar arbitration relating to a wind turbine project in Trinidad. In particular, advising on a failure to adhere to milestones under the contract and damages emanating from breaches of contract.  Shaheen was responsible for dealing with this complex dispute and her witness statement proved to be a key document at the hearing.
  • Advising a defendant in relation to a final account claim under the insolvency rules. Shaheen advised the client to mediate the case, which proved to be the most cost-efficient way of resolving the dispute.
  • Managed e-disclosure on two major disputes each involving hundreds of thousands of documents.
  • Advising a client on the professional duties of several of her advisors. Shaheen was required to implement a strategy for each of the parties and the timing of when to pursue them for damages.
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